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Alexi & Giada Lubomirski - Wisnicz Castle 8th August 2009

Alexi Lubomirski is a New York based fashion and celebrity photographer. He is a regular contributor to Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, shooting celebrities and glamorous fashion spreads.

It was an amazing experience for our agency to work with such a wonderful person and artist. Alexi and his beautiful fiance Giada decided to get married in the Wisnicz Castle which owes its glamour to the Lubomirski family, mighty magnates that shaped the Polish politics for more than four hundred years.

This wedding project was a huge advantage for every services involved such as catering, florists, decorators, musicians and many others. Alexi and Giada invited about 100 guests who came to the wedding from different parts of the world - USA, Canada, UK, France.

The wedding ceremony was organized in a chapel inside the castle. It was a chalange to create a church inside a completely empty room. We arranged an altar, chairs, flowers, candels and a big cross which was lighten from projector. After the ceremony eveyrybody moved into the castle yard to spend some time at aperitif party and chat with each other. The reception was arranged inside the castle, on the 2nd floor. Our agency had to take care of tables, chairs, flowers and cutlery. The catering agency which coopereted with us did a great job.

This event was a big success for us!