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Isabella & Mariusz - Goetz Castle 6th July 2013 title

Goetz Palace Okocimskich in Brzesk is one of the finest residences factory owners, as well as one of the most important architectural monuments in Poland late nineteenth century.

As soon as the palace was opened in 2012, it was brand new and undiscovered venue. It was actually a suggestion of Isabella and Mariusz to take this place under consideration as one of the venue options. It was a great decision.

Isabella and Mariusz both have Polish origins but they live in Canada. They decided to get married in Krakow because they they have a sentiment to this wondeful city. The wedding ceremony took place in St. Anna Church in Krakow city center. After the ceremony everybody moved to Brzesk where the Goetz Palace was waititng for them.

Aperitif party took about 1 hour and after that everybody entered the castle where they were amazed by the special decoration of the whole interior. The reception was fulfilled by speeches, dancing, surprises and a lot of fun.

It was a breathtaking event!