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Pod Baranami Palace - Krakow Main Square

Tradition says this place used to be an inn where rams were kept and sold for the citizens of Krakow. Hence the rams appear both in the emblem and in the name of the building. Originally, the name of the tenement house was Where the rams are, its emblem depicting two rams joined with one common head. The emblem was first placed on the wall of a gothic style corner tenement house.

In the 16th century two gothic tenement houses were attached together creating a palace in renaissance style by the owner, Justus Louise Decius, secretary to the king, Sigismund I the Old. Later, the palace was bought by Stephen Bathory for the commander of the Hungarian infantry. Then the building was passed into the hands of Katarzyna of Lubomirski Osrogowski, and in the 17th century the owners, the princes of Radziwill, joined one more building to the palace.

The palace has hosted many celebrities. The Russian tsarevich Alexei stayed here in 1701, as well as Prince Józef Poniatowski in 1809, the following year Frederick Augustus, king of Saxony and prince of Warsaw, and in 1890 the Habsburg Emperor of Franz Joseph I was welcome here. In August 1990 the pre-war owners regained the ownership and the day after a part of the building was destroyed by a great fire. The renovation of the Palace went on for many years.